Sunday, April 7, 2013

Preview of Captain Hawk's Last Great Adventure

Its mouth opened wide to reveal sharp fangs on on its apelike face.  It woke from its slumber, hungry, and was being graced with its next meal.  It began to charge at them and its hands and feet lightly pounded the ground as it moved in their direction.  The man saw the beast charging at them and they began running towards the open door.  Their boots clumped the ground and the room echoed with each step they took.  The charging beast went straight across the room. As they neared the door, the beast trampled upon the other slumbering beasts.  Startled from their sleep, they woke in anger.  Shrill cries broke the silence and the attention of the beasts were now on the two would be explorer's.  They had reached the doorway and with some difficulty began to close the door as it moved slowly and creaked ever so loudly.  The beast jumped at them with arms spread wide, ready to grasp them, with its mouth opened wide, exposing fangs and all, ready to puncture their skin.   A deep thud was heard on the wooden door for they had closed it just in time.

'That was close' said the man
'You bet your life it was. Those things would have ripped us apart. Damn it Zash, you're going to get us killed. Just don't touch anything in here' said the woman
'I'm sorry Ji. I'll be more careful' Zash said
'Alright, it's time to light the torches' said Ji-yoon

Consequently, they worked in the dark and lit their torches.  They were carrying with them each a satchel with some provisions, their weapons, and their wits.  

Once they lit the torches the light from the flame did not go far.  It revealed to them a close knit space and that explained the musty smell.  They moved down the tunnel with darkness on their horizon.  Moving their torches in circles about them, they were constantly checking the walls and the floor, as they tread carefully awaiting a trap of some sort.  They thought the walls to be made of gold, but were unsure. For moss and dirt had grappled their shiny appearance only to have a few glints here and there that caught their eye. The space around them had grown wider and the air was much more free.  Ji-yoon took one more step and the floor had vanished!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A quote from Captain Hawk's Last Great Adventure

"As the chambers fall, as do the shrouds of secrecy that once surrounded them." Captain Malcolm Hawk

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Last Great Adventure of Captain Hawk

The Last Great Adventure of Captain Hawk

At deaths door, one man catechizes, leads, and enthralls a crew on his quest for a chance to live one moment more.

Captain Hawk and his crew sail on the Amber Feather. They are on a quest to find pieces of a puzzle to enter a mythical hidden temple on the legendary Bloodied Mist Islands.  They are said to contain a tree granting eternal life.  They will battle on the sea with unmatched rivalry.  They will be caught in the middle of a war.  A race will spurn between four nations to reach the Bloodied Mist Islands in order to obtain the fruit that grants eternal life.

This story will be available for you to purchase, later this year.

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Monday, January 28, 2013